What is Agile — An Introduction to Scrum

Agile is the language of most software development teams and it’s an important part of getting hired in tech because it’s the way software is developed. If you understand how agile works and the language it entails, you’ll have a better understanding of what your work will consist of and how to speak the lingo when you interview.

Agile contains many software roles that you’ve likely heard of (e.g., developer, product owner, designers, stakeholder, etc.), not to mention, one you may not have — the role of Scrum Master. When women in the You are techY community learn of this role, they are intrigued and motivated. It combines a lot of skills that they have already been practicing throughout their motherhood journey including managing teamwork activities, motivating others to problem-solve and the increasing work efficiency.

I can’t think of a better person to explain what agile is and the empirical foundation upon which it was created than Jill Sanderson, Agile Service Leader at Dude Solutions. While the Agile Manifesto was first released in 2001, there are still many organizations working to implement these principles in order to transform their technology processes and cultures. Jill is no stranger to the challenges and hurdles that Agile teams face, having worked in this space for more than a decade. She’s also a returnship mom who found agile work to be the right place to return to her former tech background.

To learn What is Agile — An introduction to Scrum straight from Jill, tune in to this free, informative training from Jill.

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