How to Answer Your Own Tech Question

Congratulations! You’ve finally hit that milestone of wanting to break into tech for so long and finally doing it! Now comes your performance on day 1 and beyond. That’s enough pressure to drive anybody batty. Knowing if it’s “okay” to ask a question feels scary. I know great cultures, will say, just ask. Whenever you have a question. Ask. The truth is though that some questions are more well-thought out than others.

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When it comes to technology we can sometimes think that if someone with more experience just “told us the answer” we could move forward. That is typically not…

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Some people swear by vision boards. They love creating the visual representation around what their life will look like. There are even workshops focused on vision boards. I don’t have anything against vision boards, I just don’t personally use them. I mean not in the physical sense. Most physical things don’t drive me. I LOVE helping women, especially moms, get hired in tech. It absolutely drives me. It motivates me. It inspires me! So the envisioning I do is to think about shifting the statistic of 20% of women in tech to 60% of women in tech. I visually see…

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I’ve written a lot of first lines of code learning multiple different programming languages throughout my career and studies. In traditional programming learning, the first line typically reveals a “Hello World’’ message to the user.

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Before we dive into “Hello World” I want to take one step back from that stage to ask a more fundamental questions. A few fundamental questions actually. …

In talking with some of my students I notice that the topic of Stand Ups has not been fully comprehended. Agile is an important topic, but one that can easily fall by the wayside as you are learning design or development topics. It doesn’t feel as immediately necessary as writing code or building wireframes. I get it. Producing assets for your portfolio is rightly at the fore-front of everything you think about. So what is a Stand Up and what does that have to do with your work in tech.

Agile is the common language of software development, and thus…

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I love blog titles like this. It’s a bit click-baity, I’m sorry about that, but you clicked on it so it’s fun to think about why this title works for readers like you. My guess is that we comprehend at some level how massive tech is and the thought of hacking the important parts are exciting to our brains. I love that! I love hacking learning. I really was just an okay student growing up. My grades were good (not excellent), but I skated by on my intuition and intelligence. I didn’t really work on being a better learner. I…

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If you are reading this, you have likely experienced sadness or cry-ing level frustration recently and are wondering what that says about you or why you keep doing that. I cried today for a lot of reasons, but I’m really writing this blog to one of my coachees who I know either needs to cry or has been crying a lot and she’s not sharing that. She knows who she is.

I cried today.

Actually I sobbed. Hard.

Like ugly-cry, mascara-running, loss-of-breathe cry.


Honestly, I was just fed up. I’m in a lot of pain from an old injury…

Agile is the language of most software development teams and it’s an important part of getting hired in tech because it’s the way software is developed. If you understand how agile works and the language it entails, you’ll have a better understanding of what your work will consist of and how to speak the lingo when you interview.

Agile contains many software roles that you’ve likely heard of (e.g., developer, product owner, designers, stakeholder, etc.), not to mention, one you may not have — the role of Scrum Master. When women in the You are techY community learn of this…

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What do you really think, are you smart enough?

I mean, really think about the answer you would give and why. The truth is you could find evidence for an affirmative answer or a negative answer. Maybe you didn’t do very well in math. Maybe you were a C student or you got that C that one time. Many of you look at me and think well I don’t have an undergrad in Computer Science like Ellen so I’m not as smart as she is. Is that true? Is that really true?

It’s not. I’m sure it’s not.

Because I…

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First off, what I am about to show you is not rocket science and any of you can and should do this research. Also, you are perfectly capable of rocket science (have you seen Hidden Figures? I could watch that once a week!):) I am going to show you HOW I am coming to my conclusions because the title “product designer” is new. The tech industry is still kicking the tires on it and it could evolve a bit. So by show you how, you can perform the same process to continue to validate your decision to apply to or…

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Simple Steps

There are some simple things you can do on your LinkedIn profile to make it look more professional and stand out to professional employers. The first simple step to take is to create a custom url for your profile. This will make it look clear when you list it on our resume, as well as in the interaction with your profile. It also makes you easier to find for potential employers. A non-customized url has additional numbers and letters appended to the end of your name, looking something like this: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tom-stammer-m-a-b59485120. When you customize it, it will only have your…

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