How to Answer Your Own Tech Question

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Some people swear by vision boards. They love creating the visual representation around what their life will look like. There are even workshops focused on vision boards. I don’t have anything against vision boards, I just don’t personally use them. I mean not in the physical sense. Most physical things…

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I’ve written a lot of first lines of code learning multiple different programming languages throughout my career and studies. In traditional programming learning, the first line typically reveals a “Hello World’’ message to the user.

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In talking with some of my students I notice that the topic of Stand Ups has not been fully comprehended. Agile is an important topic, but one that can easily fall by the wayside as you are learning design or development topics. It doesn’t feel as immediately necessary as writing…

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If you are reading this, you have likely experienced sadness or cry-ing level frustration recently and are wondering what that says about you or why you keep doing that. I cried today for a lot of reasons, but I’m really writing this blog to one of my coachees who I…

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