3 Months to a Tech Career

A three month time span is a somewhat arbitrary amount of time in regards to entering tech and yet it is still important. I’ve spent a lot of time putting time pressure on myself that was unhelpful and actually contrary to achieving my goals. Why then would I write a blog with a time segment in the title outside of the obvious click-ability candy?

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The reason is that when it comes to learning and gap filling, timelines are very helpful. Timelines help us piece out our learning and evaluate progress in a way that is motivating and helpful to achieving deeper knowledge. You go through 3 months of trying to learn the skills, apply for the job and then you don’t get your digital marketing manager job or your JS developer role for 4 months. Have you failed? No way! You got that dream job! Likely a lot sooner than if you had no timeline around it.

What if you go through the learning plan, you build up your skills, you do your networking and at the end of 3 months you don’t have a job? What would you do? Well, that would of course depend on how far along you were. If you were interviewing or talking to a potential freelance client, and you had a final form portfolio ready to go, you might see how close you were and keep going, right?

So the approach I recommend is to time segment your learning and networking so that you can:

  1. See progress

Which is why 3 Months makes a lot of sense. It’s a small enough time segment to maintain interest, but long enough to actually achieve that goal. Yes, you can actually achieve that goal, but I’ll be the first to admit that many won’t. The number one reason for that is indecision and changing direction. If you stick with one path and go down that path for 3 months with laser focus, your chances of success increase dramatically. Also, if you narrow your focus, you are more likely to succeed. So few of us will do that! It’s hard to pick just one thing. We want to do all the things!

This is both essential and very challenging in all areas of tech; UX design, JS development, digital marketing, etc. You can be a digital marketer with only knowledge of fb ad’s. You could specialize in this one area of marketing. Or copy. You could write sales copy only and start with that skillset to enter digital marketing. You could learn JavaScript only and be a frontend developer. If you focus on only that skill for 3 months, you have the knowledge you need to enter the field and get started. What you learn from there will help you to add more value and achieve those rates that you desire, but getting started is the challenging part and narrowing your focus helps in that regard. You will naturally grow into your sweet spot and the combination of skills that enable you to add ever-more valuable (which means you can charge more), but to get started you need but a few skills executed really well.

So when you create the learning plan, your shortest path is to pick the skills that most relate to (a) your previous experience and (b) your interest. Then break the relevant skills up into the chunks of learning.

Using your learning chunks, practice them first with a project that you come up with on your own and then by finding a FREElance client who will give you the project, allow you to perform the work at no charge in exchange for using the project in your portfolio. There are many entrepreneurs who would gladly give you a project for free, even for a 3 month time segment so that you can build up your skills and portfolio and they can free up some time while providing you valuable information from which to build your knowledge.

Use your newly acquired skill of finding that FREElance client and to do it again to find paid work. You are now a freelancer. It really is that easy and that hard. You have to be dedicated enough to put yourself out there and face rejection. If you ask ten people, though, the chances of one saying yes is pretty high. And one “yes” is all you need! Go find that tech career in 3 months! I know, with the right support, you’ll be there in NO time!

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